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Day2Day The Collagen Beauty

Day2Day The Collagen Beauty products are food supplements containing collagen peptides, vitamins, minerals and special ingredients.

In Day2Day The Collagen Beauty series, there are 4 different forms of products: ready-to-drink liquid form, sachet form, tablet form and powder form. Day2Day The Collagen Beauty has a variety of products containing both bovine and fish-sourced collagen peptides. It is presented to the preference of consumers with collagen forms originating from fish and beef. Each form has different amounts of collagen content. In the form of bovine sachets, each sachet contains 10.000 mg of collagen peptide. In the form of fish sachets, each sachet contains 5.000 mg of collagen peptide. Each tube in ready-to-drink liquid form contains 5.500 mg collagen peptide and each tablet contains 1.000 mg collagen peptide.

Collagen peptides in Day2Day The Collagen Beauty are in type I form and have a molecular weight of 2kda = 2000 daltons.

There is a halal certificate of collagen used in Day2Day The Collagen Beauty products.

Our Day2Day The Collagen Beauty Intense and Fish products were awarded the gold medal at America Food Awards, and our Day2Day The Collagen Beauty product was awarded the gold medal at the Singapore Taste Awards; becoming an award-winning collagen with its delicious taste and unique flavors.

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Mango flavored Day2Day The Collagen Beauty, strawberry flavored Day2Day The Collagen Beauty Intense, cherry flavored Day2Day The Collagen Beauty Fish were awarded the gold medal taste awards with their delicious taste.